The Automobile Association of Uganda (AAU) is affiliated to international organizations namely; Federation International de L’Automobile (FIA) and (ACTA) Africa council for Tourism and Auto Mobile, offering a varied array of motoring solutions worldwide.


The Automobile Association of Uganda started in the 1950’s as a branch of the East African Automobile Driver’s Association (EAADA) headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The mission of this Association was to help all other motorists on the road with solutions to motoring-related problems. The break up of the East African community led to the break up of EAADA too resulting into the establishment of AAU as a separate legal entity in 1986. Since then, AAU has been growing steadily amidst various challenges.

Our Vision

Founded to offer reliable motoring solutions by responding to members’ needs while taking into consideration the club’s growth.

Border To Border Coverage

Border to Border Coverage
No matter where you drive, AA Uganda is ready to help you as soon as you call. And to reaffirm this, we have put in place over 30 rescue vehicles in our national rescue network. So. help is always close at hand, making it possible for us to reach you with help in the shortest time humanly possible.

Service Overview


This is an invaluable International Multiple-entry customs document, Carnet holders are not required to lodge provisional payments of customs duties for their vehicles when entering foreign countries. AA issues that guarantee to enable your cross-border driving with ease.

What we do

Driving School

The AA Superior driving school uses the recommended FIA syllabus for its students. Our highly qualified instructors facilitate perfect driving skills and teach International traffic road signs.

AA boasts of excellent female driving school instructors Readmore

International Driving Permit (IDP)

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is recognized internationally and allows the motorist to drive a motor vehicle without further formality Readmore…

Road Rescue

AA offers reliable 24hr roadside rescue to its members and non-members in any strange location. For AA members, this service is offered free.
Our well trained and fully equiped patrol team will give you the quality rescue experience you expect. Just call 0772/0712 366004. AA’s Emergency Road Rescue Service continues Readmore…

Vehicle Valuation

At AAU, we carry out valuations for all vehicles for sale, loan acquisitions, and insurance claims. Our technical team is constituted of highly qualified vehicle technicians.

Our independent reliable valuation reports are trusted by Commercial Banks for your loan processing, insurance claims and Courts of Law. AA does valuations for plants and machinery and also inspects road worthiness for contractors.

Vehicle Running Cost Standard Readmore…


A Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) is like other higher institutional certificates, but a DDC obtained from the Automobile Association of Uganda is different from many other certificates of the same course offered in Uganda because;

Our Defensive Driving Course can only be offered to people with not less than a year of driving experience with a valid driver’s License indicating one year from the date of issue Readmore…