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Note: A permit can only be issued to persons of 18 years and over who are holders of genuine and valid Uganda driving licences (Not holders of provisional driving Permit). The current driving permit must be produced. Each applicant must provide a copy of passport ,visa for the country intended to travel to , two passport photgraphs and must be a member of the association.
Vision Statement:
Founded to offer reliable motoring solutions by responding to members' needs while taking into consideration the club's growth.

Service Overview 
The AA Superior driving school uses the recomended FIA syllabus for its students. Our highly qualified instructors facillitate perfect driving skillas and teach International traffic road signs.

AA boasts of excellent female driving school instructors. And more importantly, we provide insurance coverage for both our students and instructors while on training.

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Border to Border Coverage 
No matter where you drive, AA Uganda is ready to help you as soon as you call. And to reaffirm this, we have put in place over 30 rescue vehicles in our national rescue network. So help is always close at hand, making it possible for us to reach you with help in the shortest time possible to anyone.
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