Benefits of a Defensive Driving Certificate

  • Why have a Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) from AAU?

A Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) is like other higher institutional certificates, but a DDC obtained from the Automobile Association of Uganda is different from many other certificates of the same course offered in Uganda because;

  1. Our Defensive Driving Course can only be offered to people with not less than a year of experience in driving with a valid driver’s License indicating one year from the date of issue.
  2. Our Defensive Driving Course meets the required international driving standards and that’s why you need to have a minimum of a year’s driving experience for you to be able to understand and apply our training techniques.
  • Can’t I get this training from anywhere else?

Yes you can but, a holder of a DDC obtained from the Automobile Association of Uganda, being the only internationally recognized institution, has the ability to drive in different countries in the world using internationally recognized driving techniques, this proves the reason as to why we are the only body authorized to issue international driving permits and Carnet De percy Unduen, (a document that allows you to drive across borders without having to pay taxes to enter those countries). Hope you know how difficult it is to drive a foreign car in a different country.

  • Further lessons and tests.

The holder of a DDC is required to undergo training with the Automobile Association for them to be able to obtain the skills required in the different countries. At AAU, we respect your driving experience but we also know that not everyone that seats behind a steering wheel is a driver, majority are machine movers.

  • It’s proven, majority of drivers from first and second world countries find it difficult to drive in Uganda, the reverse is true too, but a holder of a Defensive Driving Certificate from the Automobile Association of Uganda, has the knowledge and understanding of the international road language thus enabling him/her to become an international safe road user.

With our Defensive Driving Certificate, being what it is, we cannot rule out criminals capable of faking it, and for that reason, its authenticity and genuineness can be verified on
Log on to the website, go to the certificate menu, punch in the certificate number, and get full details of the holder with a photo and their training pass standard.

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