It is indicative from our roads that most motorists are not intentionally dangerous. They want to be safe drivers and interact well with other road users. However, they lack the right knowledge, understanding of risks involved in driving, skills, attitude or motivation to do so.

This scenario can only be changed by provision of further training opportunities in addition to the basic one provided at the initial stages of learning “how to drive”.

AA defensive driving course is an opportunity for such advanced driver training. It equips drivers with proper understanding of driving attitude, road risks and interaction with other road users in addition to interaction with the car one drives. It is essential for all organizations which value road safety as a key ingredient of their operations. Defensive driving helps in ensuring maximum safety for employees, protection of company fleet and gives organizations the confidence that its employees have the required driving skills.

We hold seminars for qualified drivers on how to avoid the ever increasing road accidents. We teach traffic signs, traffic laws, motor vehicle maintenance, and driving in changing weather conditions. AA Uganda has the capacity to assess and pre-test drivers for employment.


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