Road Rescue

AA offers reliable 24hr roadside rescue to its members and non-members in any strange location. For AA members, this service is offered free.
Our well trained and fully equiped patrol team will give you the quality rescue experience you expect. Just call 0772/0712 366004
AA’s Emergency Road Rescue Service continues to be the most highly valued benefit of membership. whether you need a tow or a battery boost, or someone to help you get back inside your car when you’re locked out, or to change a flat tire… we’ll respond to your call quickly and efficiently.Some Rescue Types

The Tow Truck

The tow truck with self loading facility avoids damages that are caused while transporting your vehicle

Home Start Service

Even new cars may experience low battery problems and cannot start, our rescue team is always there to jump start it. AA gets on the road immediately.

Car-Keys-Locked -In-Service

Do not go in for ill-equiped street mechanics to spoil your valuable lock system. Just call 0772/0712 366004

Car Stuck In Kampala Floods

When your car gets stuck in floods anywhere in town, please don’t forcefully drive out, call for the AA tow truck for rescue.

Run Short of Fuel

A lot of fuel is consmed while trying to dodge the heavy traffic jam in town. Never panic or look for a jerrycan. Just call our mobile station to refill you on the spot.

Flat Tyre / Puncture

All cars at one time experience a flat tyre or puncture. Never get your office attire dirty trying to save the situation, call our rescue team to do it for you in a minute.

For Inquiries & Support, call;

+256 772 366004

+256 712 366004

+256 752 366004