What The AA Membership Is

AA Membership is open to all persons regardless of sex, race, religion, and nationality. This membership is open to motor vehicle owners and non motor vehicle owners.
The AA membership card is recorgnised Internationally. Always carry your AAID and recieve the service at any AA office worldwide.

AA Uganda Membership Categories

Founder Members
Members whose membership of the Association has continued without interruption, since December 1986

Individual Members
Persons who have been duly accepted as individual members on payment of the requisite fees. In the case of a married couple, where either the husband or the wife is a member, the benefits of membership shall extend to the spouse of the member at a reduced fee.

Corporate Members
A Company, Firm or Association having not less than five employees may propose all or any of its employees (but not less than five) as Corporate members and provided the Company, Firm or Association shall pay one consolidated and reduced entrance fee and graduated annual subscription.

Commercial Members
A Company, Firm or Association owning a fleet of not less than five vehicles registered in the name of the company.

Family Membership

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