Carnet De Passage En Douane

This is an invaluable International Multiple-entry customs document, Carnet holders are not required to lodge provisional payments of customs duties for their vehicles when entering foreign countries. AA issues that guarantee to enable your cross-border driving with ease.

The Advantage

The Carnet eliminates the need for cash deposits and reimbursement formalities at boarders.


  • The holder must re-export the vehicle within specified period of validity and must comply with the customs laws and regulations relating to temporary admission of motor vehicles in the customs territories visited under the guarantee.
  • On expiry, the Carnet must be returned to the Association to enable the holder claim his security.
  • The Carnet de Passages en Douane is an internationally recognized customs document that, if accepted in a country, entitles the holder to temporarily import a vehicle without the need to pay the appropriate customs duties and taxes. A Carnet is required for most trans-continental journeys and you must obtain one in advance of the journey.
  • AAU issues the document and is directly responsible for the payment of customs duties and taxes if the Carnet is not discharged correctly, i.e if the owner violates another country’s customs regulations by selling the vehicle illegally. Any payment will be recovered from the Carnet holder under the terms of the agreement signed on issue of the Carnet.
  • The Carnet is valid for one year from date of issue and the fee for a Carnet booklet depends on how many pages you require.


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